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MakeItRational Organizes Multi-Criteria Evaluation and Simplifies Decision Making

You can easily make even complex decisions when you know how to measure strengths, weaknesses and overall utility of each option. MakeItRational helps your team collaboratively evaluate alternatives in context of multiple criteria. After that, you make informed decisions that can be easily justified and documented.

You can evaluate almost everything: projects, employees, products, candidates, software packages, buildings, suppliers, locations, processes, technologies, investments, cars, subcontractors, outsourcing companies, players, strategies, markets, customers, requirements, ERP systems... and a lot of other “things”.

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Effective Workflow for Collaborative Decision Making

Improve quality and reduce time of group decision making with an effective decision making process:

  1. Building model – prepare project for collecting judgments. This involves: building the list of alternatives, identification of criteria that will be used for evaluation and choosing a type of judgments for each criterion.
  2. Collecting judgments – explore evaluators’ opinions on the relative importance of criteria and different aspects of alternatives. This involves: inviting evaluators and waiting for their judgments.
  3. Reaching consensus – set the final value for each judgment that will be taken into account while calculations and presenting results. On this step you manage differences of opinions within the group. You can discuss and reach consensus or use mean values.
  4. Analyzing results and reporting – see charts generated by MakeItRational, analyze sensitivity of results and generate report. Read more about visual results and reports feature

Single Solution for Multiple Decision Making Problems

Multi-criteria evaluation is a crucial step in almost all decision making scenarios:

  • Ranking and choice. Build rankings by sorting alternatives from the highest scored to the lowest one and when making choices – choose from the top. E.g. rank and choose vendors, candidates, locations, technologies. Read more in single choice decisions tutorial
  • Prioritization and resource allocation. Set priorities on the basis of evaluated utility and allocate resources appropriately to your priorities. E.g. prioritize projects, investments, products and then allocate budget, time, consultants. Read more in resource allocation tutorial
  • Benchmarking. Compare your processes to industry bests and find opportunities for improvements.

Analytic Hierarchy Process

Organize your decisions with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). AHP is a decision analysis process for supporting complex decisions. It was developed at the Wharton School of Business by Dr. Thomas Saaty in 1970s. Since then, it has been successfully used in organizations around the world.

Many years of deployments proved the effectiveness of AHP and revealed some of its shortcomings. MakeItRational has built-in support for the standard AHP and mechanisms for eliminating its deficiencies.

Find out more here: Analytic Hierarchy Process

Multi-Criteria Evaluation

MakeItRational organizes the process of multi-criteria evaluation by splitting it into a series of judgments. Each judgment relates to a small and well-defined excerpt of decision problem. When making judgments you examine alternatives at different angles and establish the relative importance of criteria. Judgments may have different forms e.g. of pairwise comparisons or direct ratings.

While the teamwork, MakeItRational collects judgments from all evaluators and then you set the finale value for each judgment by reaching consensus among evaluators or by mean values (if consensus can’t be reached).

Find out more here: Multi-Criteria Evaluation

Human Judgments Driven

MakeItRational is NOT a decision support system that uses a predefined algorithm to automatically process data obtained from multiple data sources. MakeItRational is the next level of decision support. It collects, combines and analyzes judgments that express evaluator’s mindset (knowledge, experience, opinions, objectives, priorities and values). You can still provide hard data but often it is better to interpret data through the lens of expertise and make judgments.

Pairwise Comparisons


Pairwise comparisons are the core of Analytic Hierarchy Process and a very intuitive and accurate method for providing a decision support software with evaluator’s judgments. This method lets evaluator to focus on a small and well-defined task, a comparison of two elements in a given context.

A single pairwise comparison involves the identification of the dominant element (a better alternative or more important criterion) and establishing the degree of domination in a 9 point scale (where 1 is equality and 9 is extreme domination).

Pairwise comparisons are well-supported in MakeItRational. You make them with a specially developed graphical editor which checks consistency of your comparisons and points potential errors. MakeItRational can forecast values of comparisons based on those already made so you can see approximate results of the evaluation process, even before making all comparisons.

Pairwise comparison screenshot

In general, pairwise comparisons are used to measure the relative importance of criteria, rather than to evaluate alternatives (where better to use rating scales).

Collaboration Oriented

When making a group decision it is important to allow each member freely express opinion before it is influenced by others (avoiding Groupthink). It is also important to express opinions in a form which allows a precise identification of differences between points of view.

MakeItRational splits the evaluation process into a set of judgments each of which relates to a small and well-defined excerpt of problem e.g. it may be evaluation of alternative in context of specific criterion or determination which of two criteria is more important.

Each member starts with providing his own set of judgments. After that, judgments are being compared which enables discussion on differences of opinions. If discussion gets stuck, consensus can’t be reached and differences eliminated, use the mean value and go on to the next judgment.

  • Make the most of your team members’ expertise. Split a decision model between members and assign roles adequately to expertise.
  • Eliminate emotional conflicts. Each step of the decision process is clearly defined. If there is a disagreement you can focus discussion on real arguments.
  • Reduce the time of group decision making. Step by step process instead of endless, emotional discussion.
  • Increase the chance of realization. Involvement in the decision-making process and understanding the basis of decision reduces the risk of resistance during implementation.

Visual Results and Reports

MakeItRational presents the results of multi-criteria evaluation with the use of 4 types of charts:

  • Alternatives ranking – the most important chart that presents the overall utilities of alternatives. It contains aggregated information about the importance of criteria and partial utilities of alternatives. So the evaluation of alternative in the context of more important criterion has a greater impact on a total utility than evaluation in the context of less important.
  • Alternatives comparison – shows a comparison of alternatives’ strengths and weaknesses on the radar chart. It doesn’t take into account information about the weights of criteria.
  • Criteria weights – contains information about the weights of criteria. These are weights used for calculation of total utilities and creating the ranking of alternatives.
  • Sensitivity analysis – provides information on how alternatives ranking behaves in response to changes in criteria weights. This is particularly important for the ranking and selection procedure because sometimes even the small change of weight may change the order in ranking.

Each chart has two additional elements:

  • Chart editor – allows you to customize the look of your chart, e.g. you can export chart to a grayscale image.
  • Chart data – table of data used to create a chart - you can export data to spreadsheet and there create your own chart or use for calculations such as optimization of resources. Read more in resource allocation tutorial

Easily Accessible with Intuitive User Interface

You don’t have to install MakeItRational on your desktop (but you can, read about desktop version). The latest version of MakeItRational is automatically loaded when you login to your account. All you need to run MakeItRational on your computer is Microsoft Silverlight which is a small web-browser plugin that is currently available in most of browsers. You can install it or verify your installation here.

Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive user experiences. Thanks to Silverlight we can develop an intuitive and interactive user-interface and we have eliminated the need to install additional software on your computer.

MakeItRational is easy to use and the relationship between data and results is intuitively understandable. There are a lot of decision support tools but most of them are mathematical “black boxes” in which the relationship between data and results is difficult to understand. How to justify a decision made with an algorithm that you don’t understand? How to use it to collaborative decision making? Fortunately, these problems don’t bother the users of MakeItRational.

Stand-Alone Desktop Version and Offline Mode

MakeItRational desktop version can be installed on your computer and used without Internet connection. You start it directly from your desktop without the need to login on MakeItRational website. You store projects in files on your computer instead of MakeItRational server.

Due to unique MakeItRational features it is still possible to collaborate remotely with desktop version but it works differently than in hosted version. Instead of inviting evaluators with links (as in hosted version) you provide them with special files. Evaluators save judgments to files. After that, you import their judgments to project from returned files. If you want to learn more how it works please contact us:

Customer Driven, Continuously Improved and Always Up To Date

MakeItRational is the successor of AHPproject, which was available in the internet for a couple of years and used by thousands of users. We have been gathering feedback and requirements so we believe that we understand your needs. When you read these words we are probably working on new improvements and simplifications. We analyze all your emails and questions to find opportunities for improvements. We update application very often and you always have access the latest version when you login to your account (desktop version needs to be updated manually).

Organized Decision-Making Process

Decisions are often taken in a chaotic manner. This is due to the lack of procedures in organizations, which could be used to ensure the quality of the decision-making process.

There is a lack of clearly defined objectives. We have a lot of information, but we don’t know how to effectively use it. We tend to overestimate the importance of available information and don’t know what information is missing, worth finding or verifying.

Today, organizations improve all business processes. Decision-making process can also be improved, which brings enormous benefits at relatively low costs. Is there any more important business process than the decision-making process?

Probably nothing is more important to your business than the ability to make good decisions. Even effective project management won’t help if you choose wrong projects. An investment in a decision support software quickly pays for itself in improved quality of decisions and reduced time of group decision making.

MakeItRational provides you with an effective process for collaborative decision making and software that supports it. MakeItRational can be of help in most of your decision-making problems.


We are aware that some organizations can’t send data to external server regardless of its security. If this applies to you please use a desktop version.

We are using only world's top data centers' providers which are the most stable and secure. Our datacenters deliver complete power and network redundancy and 24x7x365 redundant monitoring capabilities to ensure highest standards for security, reliability, performance and availability. All MakeItRational plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Flexible Plans and Pricing, No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

You can choose from multiple plans and subscription periods. Each subscription starts with a free and fully functional trial and you will not be charged until the end of it. At any time you can cancel subscription and avoid further charging. Also, a few days before the end of trial and the first payment you will receive an email with option to cancel your subscription. You can change your plan at any time without additional fee. See our plans and pricing

New Consulting Opportunities

Business and management are all about decision making. Therefore, there are countless opportunities to take advantage of MakeItRational in your consulting business and that’s why consulting companies are a large group of our customers.

Provide your customers with new services related to collaborative decision making e.g. capital budgeting, strategic planning, projects prioritization, vendor selection. Consider MakeItRational each time there is a need to evaluate, choose, rank, prioritize, especially if this is a group task.

Help your customers develop habits of seeing when they have multiple alternatives and when they need to evaluate them to manage resources and priorities. Lead your clients through the steps of decision making process, explain doubts, moderate discussion, help interpret results and create report.

Additionally, if a decision problem relates to your expertise you can be of help while identification of alternatives and criteria, development of rating scales, evaluation of alternatives and weighting of criteria.

If you are looking for opportunities to use MakeItRational in your consulting business, contact us:

Academic and Non-Profit Friendly

We have many users from academic and non-profit organizations, join them. We can offer you a special discount. Please contact us for details:

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