NOTE: The latest AHP decision making software is available here: TransparentChoice - Decision Making Software.


MakeItRational – Analytical Hierarchy Process Software

MakeItRational is a decision support software based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). AHP is a method of multi-criteria evaluation which organizes and simplifies decision-making. Use MakeItRational software for supporting complex and tough decisions.

Step 1. View AHP Software Screens

The screens below present the user interface of MakeItRational AHP Software:

MakeItRational AHP Software – Alternatives Tab MakeItRational AHP Software – Criteria Tab MakeItRational AHP Software – Preferences Tab MakeItRational AHP Software – Results Tab MakeItRational AHP Software – Report Tab

Step 2. Watch AHP Software Demo Video

Watch demo video that presents the use of MakeItRational AHP Software to perform projects prioritization. The process of AHP multi-criteria evaluation would be similar for other applications.

>> Watch AHP Software Video <<

Step 3. Try AHP Software Online Demo (no registration required)

Try MakeItRational AHP Software online demo now. Check available demo projects and build your own model by opening “Blank project” (you will not be able to save it).

Demo starts as online application so you don’t need to install MakeItRational on your computer. All you need to start AHP Software now is Microsoft Silverlight – free web-browser plug-in.

>> Run AHP Software Demo <<

Step 4. Find Out More About AHP Software